SWA cut to order price per meter

Cat5e Steel Wire Armoured data cable (SWA) 

  • Cat5e SWA, Steel Wire Armoured data cable, 24 AWG/4PR Cat 5e UTP SWA/LSNH black sheath price per mtr. 
  • Cat5e SWA cable is ideal for applications where you need a armoured cat5e data cable or ethernet cable. 
  • A standard cat5e UTP ethernet data cable on the inside of the jacket. 
  • The Cat5e SWA armoured data cable has the added advantage that it has a Steel Wire Armour (SWA) and a superior external grade thick PE jacket which makes it suitable for all external applications as well as being tough enough to pull through ducts, directly burying in the ground or any vandal plagued installation, it also protects against moisture and is UV stable. 

Typical Steel Wire Armoured Data Cable (SWA)

Customers who buy Cat5e SWA use it for, Ship owners OEM companies Shipyards Marine installers Platforms Oil Rigs Outdoor IP Cameras Ship builders Drilling companies Engineers MODUs FPSOs Any application that needs a protective cat5e UTP cable. Network Video Systems holds a high stock level of this item, due to the quantities we buy and sell this allows us to be able to sell our cat5e SWA cable at the most competitive price on the internet.

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