CAT5E LSZH UTP Steel Wire Armoured Cable (SWA)

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CAT5E Steel Wire Armoured (SWA)

Galvanised LSZH UTP Data Cable.

Steel wired armed cable (SWA) is one of our best selling products and we have repeat customers who rely on us to provide them with a quality British manufactured products, The CAT5E Steel Wire Armoured UTP cables we offer SWA are hard-wearing using galvanised steel and a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Outer Sheathing.

Cat5e SWA, Steel Wire Armoured data cable, 24 AWG/4PR Cat 5e UTP SWA/LSNH black sheath is ideal for applications where you need a armoured cat5e data cable or ethernet cable.

A standard cat5e UTP ethernet data cable on the inside of the jacket. The Cat5e SWA armoured data cable has the added advantage that it has a Steel Wire Armour (SWA) and a superior external grade thick PE jacket which makes it suitable for all external applications as well as being tough enough to pull through ducts, directly burying in the ground or any vandal plagued installation, it also protects against moisture and is UV stable.

Customers who buy Cat5e SWA use it for direct burial cable, for protecting against moving machinery, construction sites, ducting to protect against rodents, IP Cameras applications, wind farms, solar farms and many other application that needs a protective cat5e UTP cable.

Designed for fixed installations, the SWA range armoured Cat 5E cables use a have heavy duty cable jackets of polyethylene to protect against moisture and give the cables extra strength, The SWA galvanized cable are idea for running through ducts, up the side of a building or up masts. The armored cable is also good for any direct burial or installations that need protection against machinery, vehicles, vandalism or rodents. These cables are supplied on drums and are cut down from 1000m reels allowing you to order anything from 100m to 1000m in manageable sizes for your job.

We only use approved cable manufactures for our Cat5e data cables from manufactures such as Belden, Systamax, Commscope, Draka and Excel for our Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) cables.

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Full range of british Galvanized SWA Cat5e Cables

  • Low smoke cable SWA Cat5e Cable.
  • Mechanical Stress Resilience SWA Cat5e Cable
  • Temperature Resistance SWA Cat5e Cable.
  • Halogen Free Properties WA Cat5e Cable.
  • Quality assured and tested SWA cables.
  • Part of the guaranteed best of British range.
  • Our UK OEM partner proceses half a million metres of cable each month.

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CAT5E Steel Wire Armoured Data Cable (SWA) 

CAT5E Steel Wire Armoured Cable (SWA) is a 4 pair UTP Data Cable, suitable for outdoor installation and direct burial. Category 5 cable, commonly referred to as Cat5e data cable, is a twisted pair cable for computer networks this perticular option has a LSZH low smoke zero halogen sheathing and has had an additional manufacturing process in the UK to offer a fully braided and galvanized steel wire armoured cable (SWA) outer case, The cable standard provides performance of up to 100 MHz and is suitable for most varieties of Ethernet and power (Power over eathanet PoE) over twisted pair. Cat 5 is also used to carry other signals such as telephony, video Network Video Systems or Other IoT devices such as IP Intercoms or end point using Internet Protocals (IP).

Cable Design
Conductor 24AWG PAC (American Wire Gauge) NOM DIA 0.50 mm
InsulationPolyolefine, also referred to as XLPO, is halogen free. The importance of a halogen free cable is one that it will not emit toxic gases when exposed to fire. 
SheathingLSZH Grey NOM DIA 4.75
ArmouringGalvanised, Steel wire armourd cable (SWA) 0.90 NOM DIA 6.55
Sheathing Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Black 1.20mm RT NOM DIA 9.00mm
Cable Construction CAT 5e (LSOH), SWA, LSOH, LSZH.
Technical parameters
Min. Instalation Bend Radius The Minimum instalation bend radius bent without kinking it is 12 x DIA. Keeping to the recomended radius will prevent from damaging he SWA data cable or shortening its life. The minimum bend radius for Category 5, 5e, and 6 cable swa is four times the cable diameter, which is approximately 1 inch.
Min. Installed Bend RadiusOnce your SWA Cat5e data cable is istalled the minimum bend radius is 8 x DIA. Keeping to the recomended radius will prevent help with the UTP Data cables performance will help not to shortening its life.
Installation Temperature Range The instalation operating temprature of the Armoured Cat5e Cable UTP data cable is 0 to 50ºC
Operating Temperature Range The operating temprature of the Armoured Cat5e Cable UTP data cable is -20 to 60ºC
Fire PropacationOur Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) Cat5e UTP Cable meets International Standard IEC 60332-3-25
Approximate Weight (kg)175 
Standard Reel LengthsStanderd reel lenths are manfactured on 1000m drums, The Armoured Cable is then Cut to Length. The Minimum SWA Cable lenth is 100 meters and we can cut to your requirments. 
CAT5E LSZH UTP Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Cable (SWA) 
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